Naruto x Illest Collaboration 1.0

Illest proudly presents their latest collaboration with the beloved anime Naruto. Paying homage to the show and it’s focus on speed, power and technique; the collaboration is embodied by a co-branded performance steering wheel inspired by the titular Naruto’s trademark ‘Rasengan’. Embellished with co-branding, mini shinobi icons as well as the infamous Village of the Hidden Leaf symbol, the steering wheel is the perfect accessory for both casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts, serving as a charming nod to the anime and a badge of honor for your interior.

For the shinobi in all of us. Illest x Naruto


Directed by Keaton / @kcb_la

Creative Direction by Raul Gonzalez / @dadzz126

MVA studios + Colt Creative Collaboration 

Actress: Vivica Santiago

Branding: Bam Barcena 


S13 driver : @visionproject.89 Kevin Shaw

NSX driver : @tsunamisyndicate eric phan

S2000 driver : @yungmarsh marsh yung 


Thanks to @jdmmafiamotorsports